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Friday, December 10, 2004

So, one of our Act One alumns, Clayton Emmer, has set me up a personal web-site.

I feel like the occasion deserves some kind of auspicious introductory event - but I'm so tired and busy, I'm going to go for discreet and humble. (If I don't tell people how humble I am, they'll never know.)

We're still working on the site, so please feel free to send ideas about how it could be better. ("But this is about you! What else do you want to see about me?")

Right now, we are hoping the site will be an administrative help to funnel speaking and writing invitations to my assistant, the over-worked, underpaid, but never harried (how does she do that?!), Elizabeth. It also has my bio on it and copies of as many of my online writings as we could find. Eventually, we'll get some decorations up on it with photos of my favorite things. And anything else any of you think I should have.

Maybe an ever-expanding list of movies I recommend?

For now, without further adieu....BarbaraNicolosi.com

Thanks, Clayton!