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Saturday, January 22, 2005

On this, the High Holy Day of the Culture of Death, please take a moment of silence to mourn the loss of much of the future.

This is the day that will live in infamy, for it sactioned the deaths of 30,000,000 Americans before they were born. It is an incalcuable loss.

Mourn the lives that wont inspire, the sacrifices that wont be there to save, the words of comfort and wisdom that will never be spoken, the beauty that wont be called forth, the hands that wont be held. Mourn the hospitals that wont heal, the buildings that wont reach into the sky, the innovations that will never be there. Mourn the innocents who wont be defended, the books that wont be written, the friendless who will go unloved. Own it.

It is an incalcuable loss. But press on.

Before they could save anyone, the scientists who were supposed to cure AIDs and cancer and Parkinsons and Alzheimers, had their skin flayed off with our burning saline solution.

We lost countless "alternate sources of energy when the genius who was going to free us from the tyranny of the combustion engine, had his ideas sucked into a vacuum along with his tiny body.

The greatest soprano of human history never got past the silent scream as we pulled her arms and legs off one at a time and reassembled them on a sterile stainless silver tray.

The visionary who was going to give us light speed, drowned under a towel in a bucket of formaldehyde.

The man who was going to reconcile us to millions of foreign enemies got scissors shoved into his little skull before he could take one breath.

The deformed woman confined to a wheelchair, whose pure love and prayers were going to save countless souls, got flushed down a toilet with what was left of an RU-486 tablet.

Someone will say, "But wait! It isn't just the good who perished! In those 30,000,000 we have destroyed the murderers and rapists too! Along with those tiny bodies, we have side-stepped the home-made sex videos of hotel heiresses, the degenerate Senators posturing and sneering, the women drowning in cars, the interns being sexually exploited, the sodomizers preying on the innocent, the Hustler magazines wrapping themselves in the Bill of Rights, the filmmakers turning murderous euthanizers into heroes, more music like the Spice Girls! All of this we can claim as abortion's gift to the world!"

No. It is no victory. My faith makes me an optomist, and my philosophy assures me that good and evil are not equal - especially in the human person. Even the sins of the victims of abortion are a loss - for every act of dishonor was an occasion of heroism for someone else. Every act of violence, presages an act of mercy, forgiveness and repentance.

There is no victory in abortion. Click here for more convincing. (Thanks to Amy for the link.)

God forbid that Lincoln's prophecy be on us as a curse: "until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword."