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Monday, January 31, 2005

Filmmaker, Act One faculty member, and friend Charles Carner has a film coming out on DVD in March. I've met many people in this industry. If life in Hollywood can be compared to a big red-carpet reception with lots of people streaming by, making impressions, Charlie stands out on the side of the room reserved for good men. He is that very rare combination of believers who really loves this industry and who really loves God - the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

Charlie makes action movies according to a formula my friend Marianne calls, "God, grit and Chicago." Keep an eye out for his Vanishing POint. Here's the press release...


Charles Robert Carner’s action-packed remake of the cult classic “Vanishing Point” roars onto DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, March 8, 2005. Viggo Mortensen (“Lord of the Rings”) stars as Kowalski, the lone hero in the Dodge Challenger who leads an army of lawmen on a wild car chase across the American West.

Featuring jaw-dropping action sequences, spectacular location photography and thought-provoking politics, “Vanishing Point” also stars Jason Priestley, Christine Elise, Keith David, Steve Railsback, John Doe and Peta Wilson.

From Daily Variety: “… this ‘Point’ is well-taken, with a subtle lead performance from charismatic Viggo Mortensen… the portrayal of the FBI seems chillingly accurate… The car chase scenes are the pic’s highlights; Carner’s exciting staging of those sequences matches any action feature.”