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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Oscar noms will be out soon, and, according to the buzz around the biz, The Passion of the Christ is going to be completely shut out.

Before the triumph of red statedom back in November, the word was that the film would be only mostly ignored, but would probably get noms for cinematography and production design. But then Bush won, and, frankly, having Oscar ignore the red state movie has become some kind of pathetic blue state revenge. It's striking considering that back in July Daily Variety noted that the two leading contenders for Best Picture in 2004, "have to be reckoned Fahrenheit 911 and The Passion of the Christ."

[ADD-ON FROM BARB: Here's an article someone just forwarded me on this same issue.]

A few of us have been brooding as to whether Christians should have some kind of co-ordinated response to what will clearly be an act of blatant religious bigotry, if The Passion is completely ignored. Some ideas coming in are...

...barn storm every newspaper, radio show and TV news show with expressions of protest, using the occasion to highlight religious bigotry in the entertainment industry.

...boycott the Oscar night telecast. (Frankly, boycotts are almost always lame. They're like screaming, "We have no power!!!")

... The only "boycott" that would make sense is if we could get everybody who is disgusted by the bigotry, to watch some other little show that night -- like say, something on PAX, THAT would send a newsworthy message....Maybe we can get some station to air The Passion of the Christ up against the Oscars! Then, we'd have something to watch that night...

Any body have any other ideas?