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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

[NOTE FROM BARB: I know some of the folks behind this new project. I am happy to help them get the word out. Here's their press release...]

Art Within, the nation’s premiere arts and media group, is pleased to announce the launch of the Art Within Hothouse at www.awhothouse.org. The Art Within Hothouse is a unique online script database devoted to the blending of faith and scriptwriting, and is a valuable networking tool to bring together writers and producers from all over North America.

“I’ve always envisioned launching a website for writers and producers that is something like a cross between Amazon and E-bay,” said Art Within’s Artistic Director Bryan Coley. “The site will grow to include an inventory of writers and their works that is searchable like Amazon, and will hopefully make a connection between someone who has a product and someone searching for that product, similar to E-bay.”

Registration for the Art Within Hothouse is free, and registered writers and producers may use the website to read descriptions and reviews of scripts and perform advanced searches based on keywords, cast size, and other criteria. Similar to Amazon, the site will allow producers or fellow artists to actually evaluate scripts online through written comments, making a producer’s search for a quality writer much simpler.

Art Within’s creative team will also evaluate scripts, lending its “stamp of approval” to recommended works. Finally, writers and producers will be able to write extensive profiles on themselves so this on-line “watering hole” has names and faces associated with it.

Since 1995, Art Within has been dedicated to integrating faith and art to impact contemporary culture. Working through the vehicles of theater and film, Art Within focuses on nurturing scriptwriters and screenwriters with a faith perspective and helping producers find high-quality new scripts through Art Within’s development process.

During the past ten years, Art Within has launched a resident theater company, a literary wing, a creative team to partner with writers, a script development process, and an annual writers and producers symposium and showcase. Over the next five years, Art Within will commission 25 new scripts for the stage and screen, with the goal of serving as a distribution network for more than 50 producing organizations.

For more information about the Art Within Hothouse, or to schedule an interview with Art Within Artistic Director Bryan Coley, contact Laura Swickard McGowan at (847) 328-8009.

Laura Swickard McGowan
Laura McGowan Communications
P (847) 328-8009