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Monday, April 18, 2005

My sister Val is singing the title role in the opera La Cenerentola (Cinderella) in Keene, NH April 30 & May 1. Sung in Italian with English subtitles at the Raylynmoor Opera, the production will have full orchestra, sets and costumes.

Valerie assures me that this is a delightful opera. (I saw it with her in Providence, and, I have to admit, that even I opera-intolerant that I am, enjoyed it. I have copied the press release at the end here with the information on how to reserve tickets. Also here is some info:

April 30 at 8 and May 1 at 2
At the Colonial Theatre

Val notes: "The theater is adorable and wonderful to sing in, and the town of Keene is really delightful too. The producer of the opera hinted to me that the best sets are in the balcony or on the orchestra level row "J" and higher (So J-Z)."


Cinderella, A Different Way To Catch Her Man

Toss out the glass shoes, the real Cinderella finds her true love by using a pair of matching gold bracelets. On April 30 at 8 PM and May 1 at 2 PM, The Raylynmor Opera will present Gioacchino Rossini’s La Cenerentola at the Colonial Theater in Keene NH as part of its ninth season of live opera performances in the Monadnock region. Rossini’s comic opera is full of bright and lively music that will set hearts singing.

The two daughters of down-at-the-heels Don Magnifico plot to capture Prince Ramiro in marriage while Magnifico’s stepdaughter, called Cenerentola because she is made to tend the fire, must stay home. The Prince trades places with his valet in order to gain an unbiased opinion of the women, causing the sisters to look down on him as a mere servant. Cinderella, in disguise, appears at the Prince’s dinner party and, presenting him with a gold bracelet, tells him he will find his true love when he finds its mate. Later, the Prince’s carriage is upset and he finds refuge in Don Magnifico’s mansion where he recognizes Cenerentola and the bracelet. All ends well of course as the Prince and Cenerentola marry and the wicked stepsisters are forgiven.

This production of Cenerentola will be filled with premiers. In her premier performance with Raylynmor, Valerie Nicolosi will create the role of Cenerentola, which she previously performed with Opera Providence. Also premiering is Lawrence Jones who will perform the role of Ramiro. This will also be Raylynmor’s first opera sung in its original language and the premier of supertitles, which will provide translations of the Italian.

Cast in the role of Don Magnifico is Tom Weber, Alidoro the Prince's tutor is Tom O'Toole, Dandini, the valet will be played by John Salvi and the sisters Clorinda and Tisbe are to be sung by Jodi Frisbie and Pamela Stevens.

Tickets are available at the Colonial Theater, 95 Main St., Keene NH 03431, (603) 352-2033 or at www.thecolonial.org. Tickets can also be obtained at the Toadstool Bookstores at the Colony Mill Marketplace in Keene, Lorden Plaza in Milford and in Peterborough.


Franklin Sibley, President
Raylynmor Opera