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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Talking About Those Funny Little Christians...
Here's an email heads-up I just got from a friend...


I was listening to the latest podcast from (NPR affiliate) KCRW's The Business and they
devoted 15 or so minutes to interviewing the Details reporter and
talking about "Hollywood's new God Squad" While the host should have
talked to, I don't know, you... the Details guy was able to go into a
lot more detail as well as express sympathy for act one's cause.

I'm guessing you could either go to the radio station's website or just
subscribe to "The Business" on iTunes.

Thanks for all you guys do!


Of course, my friend is right. It is somewhat weird and curious that KCRW wouldn't have included US in the dialogue about us. Doesn't interviewing the journalist kind of make him the story? As though we can not be trusted to really speak for ourselves? The "listening audience" needed to have an astronaut from their planet come back from visiting ours with news about the extraterrestial beings he met?

Beam me up, Jesus.