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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Back in My Little Los Angeles Shack
Well, the long-awaited cruise to the Caribbean with my sister is now a memory. It felt weird every now and then to be cruising around splendidly while the images of Katrina were everywhere in our heads, in the papers and on the satellite TV. There was a priest on board who said daily Mass and his first homily was about the tragedy and how we should feel about it from the vantage point of sipping margaritas on deck while listening to Jamaican kettle drum music. The gist was that we should try and make some sacrifices during the cruise. The cruise line also took up a running collection for the victims of the disaster all during the tour.

Except for periodic swells of guilt - the cruise was great. We went horseback-riding on the beach, snorkeling in Tortola and Nassau, slot-pulling in a casino, shopping in St. Thomas and just being languid and relaxed while Mother Nature gently rocked us through lovely blue-green vistas. The best part was being with Alison for a nice long visit. It was great.

Came back to a pile of new mail from folks who read the Newsweek piece. There were five obscure or self-published books that absolutely must be turned into screenplays - presumably by me for free. There were three DVD's of homemade feature films - presumably that I am supposed to launch a production/distribution company to get into theaters. Then there were about forty emails from people who want to be writers or actors...or just anything in Hollywood. One person wanted to know what I had really done to get thrown out of the convent. (Me: "Uh well, I guess, be real Catholic?")

Thanks so much to Dan Ewald for writing so well and often while I was away. I hope Dan starts a blog of his own very soon!