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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Making Better Music
Just passing on an email message I received...


What teens and young adults hear on the radio and see on television has an incredible capacity to mold their worldview, a power which the media relentlessly abuses in propagating secularism and moral relativism, even perversion. The result has been the forging of one of the world’s largest and most needy unchurched youth mission fields, and it is right here in Massachusetts.

One year ago, at the urging of some friends at Boston’s WEZE, I began spending my own limited resources and time starting a grassroots effort among churches with the goal of providing wholesome, godly music radio for Massachusetts’ younger generation. Since then, providence and prayer have confirmed that God’s hand is upon this project. Very shortly, our weekly music program anticipates being boosted to 50 thousand watts as WNSH AM 1570 prepares to become the most powerful radio station on Boston’s North Shore.

Now is the time for Christians to claim Massachusetts’ FM airwaves for Christ. God has used His faithful in America to plant popular FM Christian music stations in virtually every other United States market, from Hawaii to Maine and from Florida to Alaska. Within the past three years, a brand new low-power FM Christian music station has sprung up in Worcester, Mass., and in December 2006 another low-power station is set to go on-air in Methuen, Mass..

We at the Boston FM Project, a non-profit ministry, believe that God has plans to reach Massachusetts with the Gospel through a new, full-power hit Christian music radio station. Boston, the culture war’s ground zero, lacks the type of Christian programming that appeals to the younger generation. Our vision is to provide teenagers and college-age adults with Christ-centered music that ministers to the believer’s soul and appeals powerfully to the lost, not through proselytization but through a hit music style consistent with modern trends.

You are invited to a free “Come Together” conference on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at Calvary Christian Church, 47 Grove Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940. We want to unite all of God’s faithful, as He uses us to create an FM Christian music station in Boston. We shall prayerfully present what is involved and how you can help. Please R.S.V.P. to 781-572-1118 by the end of February.

It’s time to conquer the last major Christian music frontier. God will do a mighty work here through us that will impact history forever. Please join with your Christian brothers and sisters across New England and the nation in reaching one of the world’s greatest mission fields, right here in America. I hope you have had a blessed Christmas and that I shall see you at the conference.

Peter Vadala
President, the Boston FM Project

Christians coming together to conquer the last Christian music frontier