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Friday, February 10, 2006
Executive Program now accepting applications !

We are very pleased to announce that the Act One | Executive Program is expanding to serve twice the number of students in 2006! And in a new partnership with Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, all Executive Program students are now eligible for continuing education credits.

The 2005 Executive Program has been proclaimed a phenomenal success by students, faculty, and employers. Ten of the fifteen students from this inaugural year are now working in strategic positions within the industry. These faithful future-executives are already influencing the content and quality of numerous film and television projects. Positions held by our alumni include a development executive, two talent agency assistants, as well as assistants to the presidents and the VP of development at a major production company. With three students returning to fulltime studies, the remaining candidates have secured interviews with high profile companies like UPN, Warner Bros., and Paramount.

This year, the program will run from June 10th to August 23rd. The application deadline is March 10th.

Act One’s rigorous 12-week Executive Program prepares and mentors talented Christians for executive careers in mainstream entertainment. Each of the selected candidates is matched with a summer internship at a Hollywood studio, agency, production company, or law firm. The program includes a challenging after-hours curriculum taught by working professionals in Hollywood.

What the Executive Program offers:

* A full-time internship at a Hollywood network, studio, production company, agency, or law firm.
* Over 100 hours of classroom instruction taught by industry veterans
* Excellent access to instructors, with only 25-30 students per class
* Practical assignments reviewed by industry pros
* Access to Act One Writing for Hollywood classes running in July & August
* Networking opportunities
* Admission to the Act One alumni community
* Access to alumni events, programs, & advanced training workshops
* A strong spiritual foundation for working in the entertainment industry

Please have a look at our website for new promotional materials that include: endorsements, success stories, the 2006 brochure, proposed curriculum and faculty, as well as a downloadable application form.

“Making an impact in the executive suites of networks and studios is the only way to have real influence in the entertainment industry.” - Ralph Winter, Producer: Fantastic Four, X2, X-men

“Act One is the only program I know of where students can interact with proven executives in practical, hands-on learning situations and wrestle through the tough issues.” - Terry Botwick, CEO, Thunderpoint Studios

“I have been a part of programs at UCLA, USC, and numerous other industry seminars and by far, the Act One Executive Program has the greatest breadth of inspired teachers, students, and guest lecturers. The Act One Program was one of the highlights of my life.” - Todd Burns, Class of 2005

Read about the Act One | Executive Program in Details Magazine!