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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Movies About Art?
This fall, I will be teaching a course called Theology for Hollywood at both the Los Angeles Film Study Center, and at Azusa Pacific University. If I think about it, I will post the syllabus as I think it is quite novel and maybe somebody else out there would like to spread the faith.

One of the elements of the course is to have the students watch a movie every week about art, beauty and artists. I need a few more suggestions of movies that would actually have something to say something profound about artists as opposed to saying things that are just raunchy - which most of the movies about artists tend to do.

Here are the ones I am thinking of using. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. (Again, I need movies that have something to contribute to the discussion of the artist as prophet, or about the suffering of the artist, or about the power and nature of beauty.)

Babette's Feast

8 1/2

Andrei Rublev


Barton Fink


Finding Neverland

8 Mile


Yellow Submarine

Sunset Boulevard

Living in Oblivion

Lost in La Mancha


Buena Vista Social Club

Strictly Ballroom

Mad Hot Ballroom

Billy Elliot

Vincent and Theo