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Friday, April 25, 2008
AFI Movie Meme
It's the end of the day and I have no more energy to continue working on the 987th rewrite of Select Society, my Emily Dickinson screenplay. It being a work in progress has become the one constant in my life along with Jesus since 1995. Lately, I am working at it with a new vigor so that we can send it to Katee Sackhoff to play Emily Dickinson's best friend, Susan. Katee said she wants to do something that requires a corset, so, hey, say no more.

Anyway, so in the spirit of full-bore unapologetic writer's procrastination, here's a fun meme for movie people that I found out there on Lapped Catholic and which I am meming myself with.

The meme requires going to the AFI list of 100 greatest movies which is here, and then answering the following questions.

1) Your favorite 5 movies that are on the list:

- Giant
- Rear Window
- Casablanca
- Star Wars
- Gone With the Wind

2) 5 Movies on the list that you didn't like at all:

- Dr. Strangelove
- African Queen
- The Jazz Singer
- Apocalypse Now
- Pulp Fiction

3) 5 Movies on the List You haven't seen but want to:

- Street Car named Desire
- Treasure of the Sierra Madre
(That's it. I've pretty much seen most of the list that I'd want to.)

4) 5 Movies on the List that you haven't seen and have no interest in seeing:

- Easy Rider
- Goodfellas
- The Deer Hunter
- A Clockwork Orange
- Raging Bull

5) Your Favorite 5 Movies That Aren't On the List:

- The Great Race
- The Great Escape
- The Sting
- When Harry Met Sally
- Badlands

I hereby meme any writer who is needing something else to do while procrastinating.